Spanish Immersion​

Music Program for Young Children

"My daughter is 2 yrs and she loved this program! At first she was a bit shy but as we continued to go once week she participated more. My daughter every time was more engaged in the songs and activities in Spanish! I was surprised at how much spanish she understood by the end of the month."

-Stefany Polanco

"I love HUGS because it gives the opportunity to be part of a team committed to the intellectual development of children. I love seeing how children enjoy and learn from this program. It is an inspiration to me to see the moms investing on their children's future"!  -Annie Romero

"My 15 month old son and I love the HUGS Spanish Immersion Music Program. It is a great opportunity for him to socialize with other children his age, while being immersed in a second language. The music and activities are engaging and fun! We listen to our CD's from class all the time!"

-Stephanie Klootwyk

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