Spanish Immersion​

Music Program for Young Children



Please read the following important information and save for future reference. Do not hesitate to discuss with us the following information or any aspect of your family's experience in HUGS

HUGS' mission is to encourage early childhood Spanish learning through language immersion, music, play, socialization, and movement. ​

Underneath all the fun and games, we are trying to accomplish two very important goals: 

We want your child to experience and learn Spanish in a fun and natural way.
We want him or her to develop long term understanding of the language. Some of our students are not old enough to verbalize the language just yet but that does not mean they are not learning it. In fact, children will be able to identify objects and follow instructions in Spanish and that means they are successfully learning a second language.


Model the behavior you eventually want your child to imitate: shaking the maracas, singing, repeating Spanish vocabulary and participate in all activities with your child.
Don't worry if your child is reticent or not participating. 
Don't compare your child to others who are following exactly.  Your child will still absorb what we are teaching, it just takes time and you need to be patient.
HUGS teachers will be teaching in a full Spanish immersion, meaning that 95 % of the class will be held in Spanish. Please resist the urge to translate the instructions into English. Kids will learn to follow instructions by association.
Parents or caregivers must control child’s behavior if they are disrupting the class (i.e. running, climbing on furniture or loud crying) or about to harm someone.
Relax and enjoy the activities.  Your child will eventually learn to do the same.

HUGS Program gives parents the opportunity to socialize with each other during the free play after the class.


To provide a smooth transition between classes, every effort will be made to begin and end classes ON TIME!  Please arrive a few minutes before your class time! It will make your child's adjustment easier.  If there is a preceding class still in session, please wait outside the classroom until the previous class is dismissed. When you do come into the location, please remove everyone's shoes and remember to wear socks.


We do not allow food in the classroom. 

Due to serious and sometimes life threatening food allergies, food of any kind are not permitted in any of our classrooms! Please leave it outside the classroom or in your vehicle."  Should crumbs or pieces of food fall to the ground any child might pick it up and eat it. Because food allergies for children can be very serious and the safety of each student is very important to us, we must insist that this policy is strictly enforced. 


If your child puts any of the instruments in his/her mouth, please place it in our "Caja", and we will clean it after class.  For the consideration of all, please do not bring a sick child to class.


All students (children & adults) must be clear of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting for 24 hours before attending HUGS class.  If you or your child has green mucus or a wet cough, please stay home until such illnesses are cleared up.  If any of these symptoms are noticed in class, you will respectfully be asked to leave.  We understand that this is a delicate, though important issue - our young children are especially susceptible to illness.  Thank you in advance for your compliance.


The classrooms are fairly childproof, and although children are encouraged to move (not run) freely during the class, we depend on each parent/caregiver to supervise each child(ren)'s activity so accidents do not occur.  Running is always a challenging issue - many children love to run in class, as it is their natural response to the music and activities, yet running can also lead to big injuries - so we discourage running as much as possible.


We know it's important for you to stay connected and how fun pictures of your child in class can be.  But technology items can be a distraction to others and interrupt the beautiful moments you can share with your child in real time - right now.  Unless there is an emergency, please put your cell phones on mute and tuck them away during class.  If you do snap a quick photo here and there, please do not post them publicly with other classmates in the picture - not every family is comfortable with their or their children's pictures online. 


We are our children's greatest role models and as such we ask that you, or your caregiver, actively participate in class.  In fact, adult participation is of the utmost importance.  Please stay focused on the activities and keep chit-chat to an absolute minimum. Please do not control your child(ren)'s movements. This is the best way to appreciate your child(ren)'s unique response, which may range from simply observing, to responding with their own gestures.

Class is fun, and more a resource than an end in itself, so please know that we do not require nor expect your child to participate in class.  We do however, require and expect you to participate and to be a model for your child, even if you don't feel particularly confident with Spanish.  If your child sees you participating in the games, making music and having a good time, then he or she is more likely to develop that disposition.  It's easy and enjoyable to participate in a HUGS class.  So relax, let your child "be" and have fun yourself!